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Meeting between Medical Research Center  & Educational Affairs Deanship

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Added on - 2017/12/14  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/12/14

The Medicine Research and Medical Research Center, at the Scientific Research Deanship, in association with the College of Medicine’s Deanship of Educational Affairs and Development, conducted a meeting entitled “Together towards Appealing Research Environment” on Sunday, 20-03-1439 AH, at the college’s hall in the health colleges building.

Dr. Nada Ba-Je'eifer, vice-dean of the Educational Affairs and Development, opened the meeting by welcoming the affiliates of the Scientific Research Deanship and extending thanks to the Medicine Research and Medical Research Center, which was represented by Dr. Sumayya Hariri, and the Scientific Research Deanship. Then, Dr. Hanadi Behairi, vice-dean of the Scientific Research Deanship for Quality and Development, gave a detailed presentation on the deanship and its services; referring to the deanship’s supporting units that provide help in the proposed areas of research and their editing; which helps in the increase of opportunities supporting the research projects internally and externally, and promoting the quality of research outputs in line with the 2030 vision.

Dr. Haifa Feda, vice dean of the Arabic Language and Literature Research Centre and supervisor of Ambassadors Program, thereafter, presented the Ambassadors Program, which is a research grant offered to undergraduate and graduate students participating in the conferences; giving details on its requirements, objectives, budget and outputs. Following that, Dr. Sumayya Hariri, who supervises Ambassadors Program, gave a presentation on a translated program; making reference to the target group, requirements, budget and outputs of the project.

Also, Dr. Somaya Sharaf, vice-dean of the Scientific Research Deanship for Research Volunteering and Voluntary Research, gave a detailed presentation on Ataa Initiative and its objectives and importance; elaborating the database assigned to the initiative. Then, they started to receive questions and inquiries. The College of Medicine for Academic Affairs and Development concluded the meeting by honoring the Scientific Research Deanship, and the female students and affiliates talked about the importance of attending research meetings of such a kind.

Dr. Abeer Burhamain, vice-dean of the College of Medicine; Dr. Altaf AbdulKhaliq, vice-dean of the College of Medicine for Academic Affairs; Dr. Alaa Al-Qahtani, deputy head of the Pharmaceutical Science Research Centre, attended the meeting; in addition to Dr. Haifa Hegazi, academic supervisor of Medical Sciences, female heads of departments, a group of the faculty members, and students.