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Research Volunteering & Voluntary Research Organizes (Success & Achievements in Workplace) Course 

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Added on - 2017/12/13  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/12/13

Upon a warm invitation from the College of Medicine (Girls section), Dr. Somaya bint Ezzat bin Sharaf, vice-dean of the Scientific Research Deanship for Research Volunteering and Voluntary Research, presented a voluntary training course entitled (Success and Achievement in Workplace) for the female faculty members and the Medicine College’s affiliates.

The training course included various objectives such as identifying the concept of success and achievements in workplace, the traits of successful individuals, measurements and questionnaires used to assess skills for success, assessing success skills of the Medicine College’s affiliates, presenting scientific recommendations on how to limit and write achievements as well as scientific and practical tasks, and providing summary of research and statistical studies that addressed obstacles to success in the different professional environments. 

It was attended by almost 50 female affiliates of the Medicine College as well as Dr. Sumayya bint Hashem Hariri, vice-dean of Medicine and Medical Sciences Research Center, and Dr. Abeer Burhamain, vice-dean of the College of Medicine. The course was concluded by honoring the trainer for her efforts.