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Registration in The Guiding Program for Introduction of The Library

The Deanship of Library Affairs at the Girls Branch is launching (The Guiding Program to Serve Students) in order to strengthen communication relations between UQU's staff and the library through the services as well as paper and electronic sources of information the library provides. This contributes to supporting scientific research, as the Deanship of Library Affairs seeks to achieve leadership and excellence in offering information services in UQU in accordance with its status and scientific position.

   Therefore, the Deanship of Library Affairs is launching this program for the first time during the first semester of 1438-1439AH to serve the beneficiaries.

The guiding program is currently offered to undergraduates and graduates in Umm Al-Qura University on a weekly basis as shown in the following table:



Specified day for periodic tour


Undergraduate students



Graduate students





The program includes the presentation and explanation of the following services:

  1. An overview of the library, its contents, its organization, the sources it contains, rights of beneficiaries, and the code of conduct inside the library.
  2. Lending service.
  3. Electronic search service.
  4. Photocopying service.
  5. Database service.
  6. Other e-services offered by the library.


To apply for the guiding program and receive an introductory tour or course:

Please register through this link: