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American Chemical Society rewards Mr. Akram Al-Ali

The American Chemical Society, represented by the Committee on Chemical Safety, has rewarded Mr. Akram Ameer Al-Ali, the teaching staff member at the Department of Chemistry in Jamoum University College. Mr. Akram was sent a thank-you letter for his effort in the field of security and safety, and his outstanding efforts in translating and updating the Arabic version of 8th edition of the Security and Safety in the Chemistry Educational Labs book. This book is considered one of the most important security and safety references for the chemistry fresh students. The Arabic version is the first translated version after the authentic English one. The nomination of the Committee on Chemical Safety in the American Chemical Society was based on the expertise of Mr. Akram Al-Ali in the field of security and for his previous coordination in translating and designing the 7th edition of the same book into Arabic, in addition to the same work done for the Culture of Laboratory Safety and Safety First books issued by the American Chemical Society and the American Laboratory Safety Institute, respectively.