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Graduate Studies Programs Development is a Priority for Physical Education Department

Academic Affairs
Added on - 2017/11/29  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/11/29

Under the sponsorship and in the presence of Dr. Ali bin Mosleh Al-Matrafy, the Dean of the College of Education, as well as in the presence of Dr. Tawfik bin Idris Al-Bakry, the Vice Dean of the College of Education for Educational Affairs; Dr. Mohamed bin Abduljabar Al-Salmi, the Vice Dean of the College for Development and Educational Programs, and Dr. Youssef bin Attia Al-Thobaity, the head of the Physical Education Department, as well as in the presence of the faculty members at the department, a workshop about developing the Graduate Studies programs was held at the meeting hall of the Physical Education Department at 10:00am on Wednesday 29 November 2017.

The workshop was presented by Dr. Nabil Abdulmoteleb, the professor of Human Resources Management at the department and the Graduate Studies Academic Advisor. The presentation of the workshop included the most prominent features of developing graduate studies in the department, including the new PhD program in the specialty of sports management as the first program in this specialty in PhD studies in Saudi Arabia, in addition to the strategy to develop and create qualitative programs for the specialized diploma stage in the field of sports.   

The presentation included the environmental analysis on which the development strategy was based. Several proposals were also reviewed. These proposals suggested making scientific partnership and cooperation agreements with various sports institutions in the society to achieve renaissance in the sports field.  

The Dean of the College, as well as the Vice Deans, have all praised the efforts of the Physical Education Department, which included developing educational programs at the level of graduate studies while stressing the department's scientific leadership and the necessity of utilizing its academic experience to support and serve the society. The Dean has also thanked the UQU administration for the attention and support it gives to the programs of the college. The thanks was also extended to the Dean of Graduate Studies and the Vice Dean of Graduate Studies for Programs and Evaluation, Dr. Awad Al-Sariey, as well as to the members of the Graduate Studies Programs Development Committee for their efforts in the PhD program in the specialty of sports management.