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Postgraduate Studies & IT Deanships Hold Unified Admission Portal Workshop

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Added on - 2017/11/21  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/11/21

With the follow-up of UQU Vice-Presidency for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, both the Deanships of Postgraduate Studies and Information Technology held a workshop meeting to follow up the final admission actions. This was in order to organize the final tests, to make sure of the readiness of the Unified Admission Portal to receive applicants for UQU postgraduate programs early next week, i.e. on Sunday, 8 Rabi’ I 1439H.

During the meeting, a number of experiments were conducted on the portal. Moreover, the admission mechanism was reviewed to ensure that all technical and regulatory requirements were met.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Atef bin Mansour Al-Hujeily (Vice-Dean of IT for E-Services), Eng. Ashraf Asfour (Head of the Applications Department), as well as Eng. Hussein Al-Zahrany and Eng. Abdujaber Shalash (Members of the Applications Team). Besides, the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies was represented by Dr. Suleiman bin Ahmad Al-Sa’eed (Vice-Dean for Admission), Dr. Ahmad bin Hassan Al-Hindy (Vice-Dean for Development), and Mr. Wael Hadaidy (Admission Manager).