First Semester Mid Term Exams Instructions and Sections Distribution at King Saud Hall in Abdyia  - Deanship of Preparatory year - University Vice-President for Educational Affairs | Umm Al-Qura University

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First Semester Mid Term Exams Instructions and Sections Distribution at King Saud Hall in Abdyia 

The Vice Deanship of Preparatory Year for Educational Affairs has announced the instruction to be followed by its male and female students during the First Semester Mid Term Exams to start on Tuesday Rabei Al-Awal 3, 1439 H according to the schedule announced before


1- Student will not be allowed to enter  the exam hall without University ID;
2- Student will be allowed to enter the Exam hall after 30 minutes of the start of the exam;
3- Student will not be allowed to enter with a mobile phone, smart watches, headphones or any of the electronic devices in the exams hall under any circumstances, in case proven otherwise student exam will be canceled;
4- Student will be allowed to keep books, notes, food or beverages except water inside the exam hall;
5- Students should keep quiet and avoid talking to each other in the exam halls during the exam time;
6- All students are kindly requested to bring all the necessary tools they need including; pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, calculator, etc., before the start of the exam; 
7- Calculators and other stationery tools will be allowed inside the exam hall;
8- Student will not be allowed to go out inside the exam's time under any circumstances;
9- Answer sheet can't be handed only after passing 50 percent of exam's time. 
10- Shading the basic information (University ID, Serial Number, Name) and writing the form code (A or B) on the answer sheet;
11-Students results will be blocked in case the basic data is not shaded on the answer sheet  (University ID, Serial Number, Name, and Form);
12- Cheating, the attempt to cheat, or breaching the examination rules will result in canceling the exam  and the student will be referred to the Students Disciplinary Regulation Committee in the Deanship of Students Affairs;
13- In the case of not attending the exam for a compelling excuse, the student must handout the proving documents to the excuses committee in the building 3 within three days following the exam's date;  

Section distribution inside King Saud Hall will be as following;

-    Medical stream  sections 1 to 29
-    Administrative stream sections  201, 220, 401, 402
-    Engineering and computer stream sections  101, 127, 301, 302, 303