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Mutual Cooperation Meeting between Umm Al-Qura University and King Abdullah Medical City (KAMC)

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Added on - 2017/11/01  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/11/01

A delegation from King Abdullah Medical City (KAMC) visited Umm Al-Qura University's Science and Technology Unit. A mutual meeting was convened, with the presence of Dr. Abdurrahman Bin Ghalib Bin Ibrahim Al-Ahdal the Unit's Director, Dr. Emad Abdulraziq Felemban the Vice Director, Dr. Abdullah Bin Omer Baz the Vice Dean of Scientific Research for Information Affairs, Dr. Hanadi Bint Mohamed Hussein Bihairi the Vice Dean of Scientific Research, Dr. Sumayya Hariri the Head of the College of Medicine and Applied Medical Sciences and a number of researchers. Representatives from KAMC Research Center also attended the meeting: Dr. Khalid Ahmed Salman the Director of the KAMC Research Center, Dr. Osamah Barasheed the Director of the Science and Technology Unit and his assistant Dr. Rania Felemban.


The session was opened with prayers, followed by a presentation about UQU Science and Technology Unit and the accomplished research projects since the inauguration of the unit in 2008. An explanation was given for the submission and approval mechanisms of the research projects and their accreditation by the unit. Moreover, the session included a presentation for KAMC Research and Training Unit's medical research projects: clinical and pharmaceuticals medical experiments, and volunteering medical sessions that aim to educate medical practitioners and patients. Then, both sides discussed the possible fruits of the research and medical efforts from the participation of the Deanship of UQU Scientific Research and KAMC Research Center, concerning the Science and Technology Unit of the two sides.­ The meeting resulted in mutual coordination for the benefit and common good of both sides.