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Medicine Research and Medical Sciences Center Holds Introductory Session on Research Centers' Scholarships

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Added on - 2017/10/26  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/10/26

On Wednesday, 5/2/1439 H, he Medicine Research and Medical Sciences Center held an introductory session on the scholarships offered by research center for faculty members. 

The Deputy-head of the center, Dr. Somaya Hashim Hariry opened the session with an account of the major regulations of research centers, their objectives and role in activating and financing research projects in the different domains that serve and the national vision; accomplish UQU research strategies; and support knowledge economy. She also addressed the requirements of research team and budget of scholarships and their finance timelines.

Later, she answered questions from attendance on research proposals submission for center scholarships. Hammad listed the basics of research proposal, which should achieve research integration of various scientific disciplines and clearly serve national objectives.

Huge thanks to the Academic Supervisor of Medical Sciences - Female Students' branch, Dr. Haifaa Hijazy, the Head of Clinical Nutrition, the Vice-dean of College of Nursing for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Dr. Shwikar Farrag, faculty members of medical laboratory medicine, nursing, clinical nutrition and health sciences colleges for the success of the event. Special thanks are in order to Taibah Al-Saqty for preparing the presentation of the session.