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Applied Sciences Research Center Participates in Arab Chemistry Week

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Added on - 2017/10/24  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/10/24

Out of interest to spread correct scientific information and sense of responsibility towards community, the Applied Sciences Research Center of UQU Deanship of Scientific Research took the lead in activating the Arab Chemistry Week in its first year in KSA under the theme,  (Chemistry around Us) under the supervision of the Deputy-head of the center, Dr. Hanadi Ahmed Katoua on Monday, 3/2/1439 H at Al-Zahir Campus.

The event featured a survey on UQU community awareness of chemistry role in agriculture, industry, drug, food, and environment. It also included a corner to introduce celebrated Arab chemists, healthy chemistry messages, and cards featuring chemical elements. A number of infographics were displayed to illustrate the role of organic compounds in our life.

By holding such event, the center contributed to achieving the objectives Deanship of Scientific Research for Research Affairs at UQU. It also helped in catching up with latest developments, raising awareness, honing skills, and documenting surveys.

The event was attended by the Vice-dean of University Studies for Educational Affairs, Prof. Dr. Sheikha Ashour, Vice-dean of Scientific Research, Quality and Academic Accreditation, Dr. Hanadi Behairy, Vice-dean of Applied Sciences College, Dr. Ragaa Ma'touq, Vice-dean of Educational Affairs and Development, Dr. Badrya Al-Gahadli Deputy-head of Biology Department, Dr. Faizah Mahboub Deputy-head of Chemistry Department, Dr. Tahani Ba-wazir and a number of vice-presidents, faculty members and students.

Infographics were prepared by organic chemistry students Posters were designed by Taibah Saqty and Asrar Al-Omeiri. Azza Al-Salmi made some arrangements.

To participate in the survey, click the below link:

To add your comments on role of chemistry in life, visit the following link: