Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

National Digitization Unit meets female students & staff of University College as part of Fekra Tech initiative

- 2017/10/19

The Department of Computer at the University College in Jamoum, in cooperation with the National Digitization Unit, organized an introductory meeting at the college HQ in the girls premises about "FekraTECH", an initiative that corresponds to the Kingdom Vision 2030 and targets individuals, companies, institutions and universities in a way that contribute to the national digital transformation in the Kingdom.
The meeting was attended by Vice-Dean of the University College in Jamoum, Dr. Hanadi Qamarah, Vice-Dean of Computer Department Ms. Arwa Al Fatni and a number of teaching members, employees and female students of the University College in Jamoum, whose number reached 60.
 The meeting started with a speech by representative of "FekraTECH" initiative, Ms Lujain Al Gawi to introduce the initiative. "Fekra TECH" is a national initiative for digital ideas and projects that contribute to achieving digital transformation in the Kingdom to make it one of the pioneering digital innovation centers in the world. It aims to motivate the society to find digital solutions to the current challenges in all sectors and turn them into profitable companies.

(Fekra Tech) initiative emanates from the Kingdom's desire to adopt digital transformation as a main method to catch up with the speeding technological development by gathering digital ideas and projects that contribute to improving all aspects of daily life.
The initiative aims to provide a unified platform for gathering digital ideas and projects, contribute to achieving the Kingdom Vision 2030, accelerate digital transformation and embrace digital solutions.
After this, inquiries by attendants about the initiative were answered.
At the conclusion of the meeting, the supervisor of the Computer Club at the University College in Jamoum, Ms Ibtisam Al Harbi, thanked Ms Lujain Al Gawi for her presentation and attendees for their active participation.
At the end of the meeting, a thank-you certificate was given by the Vice-Dean of the University College in Jamoum to Ms Lujain in appreciation for her presentation.


For participation, you can visit the initiative website (