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A scientific meeting to develop the strategic plan of the Educational and Psychological Science Research Center

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Added on - 2016/05/09  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/05/09

In honor of Dr. Hala Al-Amodi, the dean of the University Studies, the Deanship of the Scientific Research hosted on Monday 2-8-1437 AH, Dr. Iqbal Drandari, the expert and consultant of programs evaluation and quality assurance in the Public and Higher Education and the associate professor at King Saud University. The Educational and Psychological Science Research Center was to benefit Dr. Iqbal's experiences in developing the Center's strategic plan from the perspective of the society needs and revealing some of the recent research trends associated with the education evaluaton.

The Deanship of Scientific Research thanks the dean of University Studies, the vice-dean for Academic Affairs, the honorable guest, the vice-dean of Admissions and Registration for Registration Affairs and all the leaders and members of the Education College who attended and positively enriched the meeting through their constructive dialogue.

Special thanks to the Deanship of Development and Quality which allowed holding such a meeting on the sidelines of a training course presented to the female staff members.