Umm Al-Qura University

Scholarship Student Ahmed Kabra Named Researcher at NIH

For the first time, a UQU scholarship student at College of Applied Medical Sciences, Ahmed bin Mohamed bin Saeed Kabra, has been named a researcher at the National Institute of health (NIH) at the research center on oral and maxillofacial researches.

It's noteworthy that this center is one of the largest health research centers among 27 centers for medical research. It's supported by the US government and receives an annual fund of USD 30bn.

On his part, Kabra stated that this accomplishment is one of a kind for UQU scholarship students of College of Applied Medical Sciences. He thanked Allah for this success and also extended thanks to UQU President, Dr. Bakri Assas and the Dean of College of Applied Medical Scinces, Dr. Ahmed bin Mohamed Ashi.
On this occasion, College of Applied Medical Sciences offers congratulations to Bakra, wishing him success.