Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Security and Safety in the Educational Chemistry Labs

As part of the security and safety culture adopted an disseminated by the American Chemical Society amongst the educational institutions, faculty member at the department of chemistry in Jamoum University College Mr. Akram Ameer Al-Ali was selected to translate and update the Arabic version of 8th version of security and safety book in the Chemistry Educational Labs  which is reckoned  the main security and safety reference for the chemistry students in the first and second year. 


Meanwhile, Head of Chemistry Department Dr. Sami Al-Harbi reviewed initial versions in Arabic after translation and amendment  and expressed his support to provide all means and capabilities to publish the book as soon as possible for its scientific importance and praised method of translation and the smooth and precise language used in this reagrd.    

He also extended his thanks to Mr. Akram Al-Ali for his current and previous efforts in the field of labs security and safety.

It should be noted here that Mr. Akram has also translated and updated the 7th version of the same book besides the book of safety culture in the educational institutes issued by the American Chemistry Society.