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World Book and Copyright Day

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World Book and Copyright Day 1995

Intellectuals say no matter how high the number of publication means is, especially the electronic ones such as internet and media channels, book will never lose its shiny luster. For on its pages there are secrets, between its lines there are news, and at its end there are lessons. Book is an intellectual product of its author. And all legislations stipulate the moral and financial rights of the author.

What is a copyright?

Copyright is a legal term used to describe the rights granted to innovators for their literary and artistic works. Copyright covers a group of works, such as books, computer programs, databases, advertisements, geographical maps, technical drawings, and so on.


Literary right: the author has the right to attribute the book to himself, the right to publish the book or not to (within the framework of the public rights), the right to monitor it, and the full authority to edit its content.  

Financial right: the financial right is of 2 types: 1- the financial right of the author in his life for the efforts he exerted to write the book. 2- The financial right of his family and relatives after his death.

To protect these rights, UNESCO announced April 23, 2000, as the “World Book and Copyright Day”, and since then many partners celebrate this day which has proved its importance for promoting for a very important issue.

Since that day, millions of people started to celebrate this day in more than 100 countries around the world, within the framework of associations, public entities, professional groups and private organizations. During that period, the “World Book and Copyright Day” managed to raise the awareness of people from all continents and cultural backgrounds on the cause of copyright. In addition, this opportunity has opened the door for the people to discover the world of books, and consequently further appreciate them.


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