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- Arabic Language Institute Celebrates Retirees

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- 2017/05/10

The Arabic Language Institute for Non-Native Speakers organized on Tuesday, 18th Shaaban 1438H the celebration of the retirees: Mr. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Awfi, Mr. Khalaf Al-Zahrani and Mr. Ahmad Al-Jaid.

The ceremony was held under the patronage of Dr. Hassan Bukhari (Dean of the Institute) in the presence of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Thubaiti (Vice-Dean of the Institute), Prof. Dr. Saleh Al-Mab'outh (Head of the Department of Teachers Preparation), Dr. Aref Al - Osaimi (Head of the Department of Arabic Language Teaching), and all staff members at the Institute. 

During the event, which was held at the Shahd Rest in Huseinyah, speeches were given about the retired colleagues. The speeches were given by Dr. Hassan Bukhari, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Thubaiti, Prof. Dr. Saleh Al-Mab'outh and Dr. Aref Al – Osaimi. Afterwards, the retirees received a series of awards. In conclusion, everyone ate dinner on a day full of fun.