Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

UQU Pharmacy College Organizes Event at KAMC

Under the auspices of Dr. Ahmed O. Babelgeith, dean of the UQU College of Pharmacy, and under the supervision of the UQU Deanship of Student Affairs, as well as Dr. Alaa Z. al-Qahtani, Supervisor of Student Activities, the College's Student Club organized an event at King Abdullah Medical City (KAMC) in Makkah on Thursday, Rajab 23, 1438H. The event was held under the theme: "Not Just Pharmacist".

The objective of the event is to shed light on pharmacists' creativity, as they do not only do their job as pharmacists, but have their own creative contributions in almost all walks of life. 

Speakers of the event recalled the stages of development they've gone through ever since they joined the College of Pharmacy till graduation and beyond. They explained how their strife was culminated in success and creativity in a myriad of fields.

As part of the event, various corners were organized, including: Literary Corner: it was aimed to allow participating pharmacists to present their literary works: poetry, prose, etc..

The 3rd volume of the Student Club Journal was issued, including a diversity of articles by the College's student participating in the event.

The event represented a good chance for the College's students to express their creative capabilities.

At the end of the event, Dr. Babelgheith, dean of the UQU College of Pharmacy, honored speakers of the event, and praised the outstanding event that prompt students to hone their skills and develop their creative capabilities.