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 Enabling the UQU affiliates to book medical appointments at the University Medical Center.
 This service enables the UQU affiliates (academic staff and employees) to display all the email details, check status, and activate emails.
 The service enables job seekers to search and apply for suitable jobs electronically.
 Via its website, the University Library provides a form for requesting the purchase books that is not available in the University Library. The employees of the library receive the form and verify the unavailability of the book in the library, to be provid
Version : 1.00
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Customer Service Center

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University President Office

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General Services
 A service for sending petitions, complaints, or other items directly to the UQU President. The service is available to the academic staff, employees, students, and visitors.
 The Deanship of Library Affairs provides a Knowledge Platform (Dorar) service, which provides access to scientific theses, manuscripts and articles which have been converted to digital format. This service is one of the greatest services the library provi
 A service devoted to sending queries about the status of electronic petitions or complaints that were submitted.
 The Deanship of Library Affairs subscribes to a set of databases in various disciplines. These databases cover topics, articles and research in the various scientific and educational disciplines of the university. Umm Al-Qura University employees can acce
 This service enables the identification of the entity that has sent you a text message or email.
 This service enables direct communication with the different entities of the UQU.

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