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 It includes all academic services offered to the students and academic staff members.
 This service enables citizens to apply to join UQU to complete postgraduate studies.
 This service enables non-Saudi citizens who would like to study at UQU to get enrolled through the period allowed for their application.
 This service is intended for students only, through which grievances can be submitted against students, academic staff members, heads of departments, or deans of certain colleges. The student must specify the date on which the grievance occurred and menti
 The courses offered by the deanship are presented by the elite of its advisors, in addition to highly experienced trainers recruited from various entities, inside and outside the UQU.
 Printed through electronic services for the students, highlighting the student’s status, and type of studies, to be submitted to whom it may concern, such as banks, temporary jobs, and the Civil Affairs Office.
 Providing services via an integrated educational environment and technological structure to help the academic staff develop courses and modules using modern methods of program development and quality assurance.
 This service enables the calculation of the approximate cumulative GPA of the students, by selecting the expected grades for all the courses they are studying in the current semester.
 The service enables you to correspond with students via SMS or email.
 This service enables the students to evaluate the academic staff in accordance with certain criteria.
 A display of the academic staffs’ results in terms of proficiency in teaching, punctuality, contribution to developing the courses they teach, and their innovative and creative abilities.

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