Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Quality Unit

- 2022/01/04

ISO Certificate:


To explain the policies and procedures of the University President Office through the systematic control in all the operations and practices, and performance improvement to ensure high levels of quality.


To disseminate concepts and the culture of quality in the units and with the staff of the office.


  • To establish and activate a Quality Management System (QMS) in the office.
  • To provide the services that meet the needs and expectations of the stakeholders.
  • To facilitate the opportunities to improve the clients' satisfaction.
  • To address risks by developing the proper solutions.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • To control quality in the office, and follow up all the units by implementing standards, rules, and instructions related to quality.
  • To develop plans and initiatives, implement improvements to increase the efficiency of the operations, ensure development of the office operations and its related units, and increase the efficiency of the staff to achieve the desired goals of the implementation of quality system management.
  • To qualify the office to obtain the local and international accreditations in the field of quality and institutional excellence, and its maintenance and preservation.
  • To participate in the implementation of the projects in the field of quality, development, and institutional excellence.
  • To supervise the execution of the rules and instructions regarding the quality control and the institutional excellence of the office.
  • To provide the information and instructions necessary to implement the standards of quality and institutional excellence in the office.
  • To implement a number of office self-assessments, in accordance with the standards of quality and institutional excellence, to review the most important strength points and improvement opportunities in the office.
  • To participate in developing a timetable for the visit of the consultants, specialists, and quality accreditation commissions.
  • To participate in preparing the regular and executive plans of all the units of the office.
  • To implement and supervise the regular internal auditing process, according to the set plan in this regard.
  • To develop an internal auditing schedule, and review the results of the internal auditing and the cases of non-conformity.
  • To follow up on the improvement and developmental procedures that will boost the performance quality of the office.
  • To participate in designing and implementing the performance management system of the office, and measure performance relevant to services, operations, and quality.
  • To participate in developing plans and proposals necessary to implement the international specifications in office operations, aiming at developing and improving business.
  • To follow up on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the office operations, controlling them within the agreed principles, and report any violations in this regard, besides conducting an analysis to diagnose the status quo and submit any improvement proposals.
  • To follow up on the implementation of the standards and indicators of the office operations performance and study the gaps, in accordance with the international standards.
  • To participate in developing the skills of the employees, and help them in implementing the tasks and work assigned to them with high quality and accuracy.
  • To forward reports to the senior leadership about the performance of the quality management system, institutional excellence, and any other requirements for improvement and development.
  • To ensure that the general procedures required for the quality system management in the office are established, applied, and maintained.
  • To ensure that the beneficiary requirements are understood within the scope of work of the office.
  • To ensure that the useful modern documents are distributed to the office's departments and units.
  • To participate in analyzing the incoming reports of the quality unit, and set the corrective and preventive measures for its negative sides.
  • To provide the proposals and consultations of the strategies and priorities of the office, to improve quality.
  • To promote the spirit of teamwork among the office staff.
  • To prepare the regular reports about the achievements of the quality unit, and offer the necessary development suggestions.
  • To contribute to designing the surveys and data collection tools related to beneficiary satisfaction measurement.
  • To follow up correction procedures for the cases of non-conformity, with the relevant parties.
  • To organize department assessment meetings, and prepare their minutes.
  • To save and archive records requesting corrective and preventive procedures.
  • To approve the amendments to the documents related to different departments and sections regarding the quality system management documents.
  • To address the heads of the units and coordinate with them regarding the quality management system.
  • To set dates of internal auditing and department assessment.

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