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KACST Projects

- 2022/07/24

Scientific Research


KACST Funded Projects:


Title: Treatment of breast cancer and/or colo-rectal cancer using novel compounds that target multi- tyrosine kinase pathways
Investigators: Ashraf Nabeel Abdalla, Waleed Almalki, Imran Shahid, Moahamed Masood, Hussein Akbar

Title: Plants with potential anti-cancer effect, phytochemical, biological and mechanistic study.Development of the production of natural compounds in vitro and the optimization of the biological activity by chemical modification.
Investigators: Ammar Badr, Mohamed Abdelhady, Hamid A, Majdi Bkhaitan, Ahmed Al-Sheikh.

Title: Preparation and Development through Computer-Aided Molecular Drug Design of Isoxazolidine Nucleosides and Isoxazolidinyland Nucleosidyl Podophyllotoxin Derivatives with Potential Antiviral and Anticancer Activities.
Investigators: Bkhaitan M1, Tratra C., Hamid A., Shawqi A, Farouq M.

Title: Comparative study to evaluate the effects of the structural genes of hepatitis C in Saudi population.
Investigators: Waleed Al-Malki, Aymen Johargy, Imran Shahid, AshrafbAbdrabo, Mohammad Hossain.