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Nursing Internship Program 

- 2018/05/12



Defining the Internship Year 

The internship year is a training year, known as the fifth year, for the male and female students of the College of Nursing. Students are required to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing (four academic years) to enroll in the internship year. The duration of the internship year is 12 months starting two weeks after the exam results of the fourth year are out.  

Objectives of the Internship Year  

The internship year aims at providing students with the nursing information and skills and the experience necessary to qualify them as highly competent nursing specialists.  

Skills Acquired after Completing the Internship Year 

  • Applying the scientific skills acquired during studying in the nursing program, and enhancing nursing skills through practical application.
  • Participating in nursing care plans utilizing critical thinking skills.
  • Training on independence in making medical decisions in their fields of specialization and dealing with such decisions with professional competence. 
  • Adhering to the ethics of the nursing profession.
  • Training on the teamwork of health teams; enhancing professional skills in line with the job description; and training on asking those with more experience for advice.
  • Learning about all that is new in their fields of specialization in nursing, and developing the skills of reading and research.
  • Developing the trainees’ skills of communicating with their colleagues and the rest of members of the health team, as well as with patients and their families.
  • Preparing for the specialty programs of graduate studies in their fields of medical specialization.
  • Effective participation in serving society through spreading health awareness among its members. 

Preparation for the Training Year 

The internship training year is preceded by an orientation program, for guidance and training, for internship students. This is at the end of the second semester of the fourth year and before the start of the internship’s actual training. Students have to attend this orientation program.  

Departments Where Training Is Carried Out and Duration at Each Department  

Internship students are trained at hospitals or at one of the health institutions that are locally recognized and that can achieve the goals of training. Training is carried out as follows:  

Departments and Durations of Obligatory Training  

  1. Department of General Surgery (2 months):   
  • Six weeks at the Division of General Surgery  
  • Two weeks at the Division of Operations  
  1. Department of General Internal Medicine (2 months):
  • Six weeks at the Division of General Internal Medicine
  • Two weeks at the Dialysis Unit  
  1. Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics (2 months):
  • Three weeks at the Division of Pregnancy
  • Two weeks at the Division of Gynecology  
  • Three weeks at the Division of Obstetrics  
  1. Department of Pediatrics (2 months):
  • Two weeks at the Division of Pediatric Surgery  
  • Two weeks at the Division of Pediatric Internal Medicine  
  • Four weeks at the Division of Premature Infants or Pediatric Intensive Care (optional)  
  1. Department of Critical Care (2 months):  
  • Four weeks at the Division of Emergency  
  • Four weeks at the Division of Intensive Care  

Optional Training  

A two-month training. The division and hospital are selected by the student; students should make their choice eight months after the start of training. The training is carried out at the following divisions:  

  • Division of Operations  
  • Division of Obstetrics   
  • Division of Emergency  
  • Intensive Care Unit  
  • Premature Infant Care Unit  
  • Dialysis Unit  

Nursing Internship Program Forms  

Internship Year Evaluation Form 

Female Internship Students Clearance Form  

Leave Application Form 

Excuse Application Form  

Postponement Application Form  

Training Place Change Application Form  

Conference/Workshop/Seminar Attendance Application Form  

For communicating with the Nursing Internship Affairs Program:  

Coordinator of the Nursing Internship Program:  

Dr. Sahar Lamadah  

[email protected]