Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Department of Technical Support

- 2021/07/01

Job Description Card for the Department of Technical Support


Technical Support

Classification of the Department

Technical √


General competences

Library systems support, following up on the operation of the library system, and managing the library's website pages.

Position in the organizational structure

  • Dean of Library Affairs
  • Vice Dean for Technical Affairs
  • Director of Library

The main tasks of the department

  • Activating and developing the electronic systems in the deanship.
  • Automating technical work.
  • Providing technical support for the different departments of the deanship.
  • Designing electronic tickets.
  • Designing electronic workflows.
  • Feeding the deanship's website with the necessary pages and news.
  • Activating the electronic services on the deanship's website.

The strategic goals of the deanship that the department contributes to achieving

  • Securing access to information resources and services for beneficiaries, with high efficiency and quality.
  • Providing services that support scientific research and enhance knowledge exchange.
  • Raising the efficiency of institutional performance by ensuring comprehensive quality standards.
  • Developing the infrastructure of the Deanship of Library Affairs.

Competences required for the department

  • Computer software skills.
  • PHP management software.
  • Dealing with computing and library management systems.

Performance indicators that the department contributes to achieving

  • The website is easy to use.
  • The devices assigned to the beneficiaries are efficient and continue to operate and work.