Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Department of Public Relations and Exhibitions

- 2021/06/29

Job Description Card for the Department of Public Relations and Exhibitions


Public Relations and Exhibitions

Classification of the Department


Administrative √

General competences

  • Maintain a link between the library and the beneficiaries and relevant authorities from inside and outside the university and also present the department in the various media.

Position in the organizational structure

  • Dean of Library Affairs.
  • Department of Public.
  • Relations and Exhibitions.

The main tasks of the department

  • Library visits from inside and outside the university.
  • Guidance and directional boards and security and safety boards.
  • Online advertisements and social networking sites.
  • News and newspapers.
  • Photography and media
  • Preparation of publications and guides.
  • Printing the annual report of the deanship.
  • Suggestions for holding book fairs.
  • Cultural events and workshops for beneficiaries as well as library staff programs.
  • International and national book fairs.

The strategic goals of the deanship that the department contributes to achieving

  • Achieve a logistical position through local and international partnerships in order to enhance our knowledge power.
  • Contribute to the promotion of local culture and arts.

Competences required for the department

  • Computer skills.
  • Good communication skills with beneficiaries.
  • Photography and media skills.

Performance indicators that the department contributes to achieving

  • Beneficiary's satisfaction with library services.