Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Diploma in Sport Quality and Excellence

- 2020/10/08

Registration in the Diploma in Sport Quality and Excellence

Diploma Information:


Study Hours


Two Months

From: Sunday, 17 Safar 1442 A.H./4 Oct. 2020 A.C.

To: Thursday, 18 Rabi` Al-Thani 1442 A.H./3 Dec. 2020 A.C.

42 hours including an applied graduation project

3000 SAR

Registration Mechanism:

The following steps should be followed:

1. First Step: Log in to the University Website

  • If you are a university affiliate or student, please use your university account.
  • If you are from outside the university, you can create an account via the following link: Click here.You will need to activate the account via the link sent to your email.

2. Second Step: Registration for the Diploma

Fill in the registration form via the following link: Click here. This should be done during the period defined below:

Registration Period

22 Muharram 1442 A.H. – 7 Safar 1442 A.H.

10 Sep. 2020 A.C. – 24 Sep. 2020 A.C.


3. Third Step: Payment of Fees

  • You can also view your invoice during the period defined below, after logging in to the University Website
  • Go to the (My Invoices) service via the following link: Click here.
  • Explanation of the payment of fees: Click here.

Payment Period


8 - 11 Safar 1442 A.H.

25 - 28 Sep. 2020 A.C.

Terms and Uses:

  1. The amount paid is not refundable unless the diploma is canceled by the institute.
  2. The trainee does not have the right to claim the fees paid or the certificate if they do not complete the diploma.
  3. The diploma is not classified in the Civil Service or Human Resources.