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Umm Al-Qura University

Overview and Objectives

- 2019/11/27


The first building block in laying down the groundwork for the Department of English Language came in 1382 A.H., upon the establishment of the Department of Social Studies and English Language at the College of Education. In the year 1385 A.H., after the bylaw of the College of Education was issued, the Department of English Language was separated from the Department of Social Studies, becoming an independent department with its own objectives and programs.

The Department of English Language was then affiliated to the College of Social Sciences, which was introduced at the beginning of the academic year 1404/1405 A.H. Accordingly, the objectives of the department have developed based on its new specializations.


The objectives of the department have developed according to its most utilized disciplines. After its objectives were mainly focused on the preparation of efficient teachers, they became more comprehensive in nature. In addition to the graduation of English language teachers for junior high and high schools, the department also undertakes to prepare specialists in applied linguistics and in the various branches of English literature.

 These objectives can be summarized as follows: 

  1. Preparing English language teachers for junior high and high school.
  2. Focusing on practical programs to facilitate acquisition of the skills of reading, listening, speaking, and writing in English.
  3. Contributing to the preparation of various studies and research to qualify English language graduates.
  4. Participating in the organization of training courses for English language teachers at KSA schools, and introducing them to the important aspects and developments in the specialization of the English language.
  5. Studying the various specializations of English literature in different historical periods.
  6. Fostering the spirit of creativity and reflection in learners, and training them to criticize and analyze literary books and publications.
  7. Studying the language generally and the English language specifically, in an integrated way, including phonetics, letters and its development, as well as teaching it as a foreign language.

For achieving these objectives, the department focuses on two main aspects: The first is practical and training oriented, as it aims at the acquisition of the basic linguistic skills needed for teaching language by using language labs equipped with modern devices. The second is theoretical, as it aims at teaching the sciences of linguistics and literature.