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- 2017/11/26


The first step of laying the basis for the Department of English Language was upon the establishment of the Social Studies and English Language at the College of Education in 1382H. Then, after the rule of the College of Education had been issued in 1385H, the Department of English Language was separated from the Department of Social Studies, and therefore became a stand-alone department with its own objectives and programs. Afterwards, the Department of English Language was added to the College of Social Sciences introduced at the beginning of the academic year 1404/1405H. Thus, the objectives of the Department developed according to its new specializations.



The objectives of the Department developed according to its specializations. After they had focused on the preparation of efficient teachers, they became more comprehensive. In addition to the graduation of English language teachers for secondary and intermediate schools, the Department prepares specialists in applied linguistics and in the various branches of English Literature. Such objectives can be summarized as follows:

  1. Preparation of English language teachers for intermediate and secondary phases
  2. Concentration on practical programs to activate the linguistic skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing;
  3. Contribution to the preparation of various studies and researches for qualifying English Language graduates;
  4. Participation in the organization of training courses for English language teachers at KSA schools, and introduction of them to the points of significance and developments in the specialization of the English Language ;
  5. Study of the various specializations of English Literature through different historical phases;
  6. Development of the innovative and intellectual spirit inside students, as well as their preparation to criticize and analyze literary books and publications;
  7. Study of the language generally and the English Language specifically in a collective way including its phonetics, letters, development and connection with being taught as a foreign language.

To accomplish such objectives, the Department focuses on two fundamental pillars: First, practice and training are important to acquire the basic linguistic skills necessary for teaching the language through the modernly-equipped language labs. The second pillar is theoretical and includes linguistics and literature.