Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Voluntary Work Activities and Community Serving at Physical Education Department

- 2019/10/09

The Physical Education Department is at the forefront of achieving the vision and the mission of the university to serve the community by offering activities that serve the community and accomplish voluntary work. These efforts deepen the spirit of loyalty to the university and the community. The department usually hastens to carry out the public service activities inside the academic sector and the university at the hands of its students and under the direction of the academic staff of the department. The department is keen on endorsing the university bond and coherence among the students of the university and its affiliates. It also plants a love of knowledge and learning among non-Arabic speaking students through their participation in different occasions and offering them gifts. The department also promotes the values of citizenship, giving, responsibility, and holding the work of others in high esteem, through, for example, the distribution of gifts to university security personnel on different occasions to thank them for their efforts.

As Allah (Exalted be He) honored this university by having it located in the Sacred City of Makkah Al-Mukarramh, the Department of Physical Education is keen to display feelings of love and affinity to the visitors of the Sacred Mosque by giving them gifts and voluntarily helping them. This behavior sends an indicative message about Saudi Arabia and its wise leadership that pays great attention to pilgrims and visitors.

The department keeps, year after year, performing these voluntary activities to serve university affiliates, the Sacred City, and its visitors.