Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Transfer from Other Universities to UQU

- 2021/03/07

Male and female students' transfer from another university to the UQU or any of its branches (Al Jumum, Al Leith, Adham, Al Qunfudhah) is permissible as per the following criteria:

1. The student must be Saudi national or have a Saudi mother.

 2. The student must be registered in a college or a university certified.

3. The student must complete at least one semester in his/her university.

4. The student must not complete more than six semesters at his/her university so that he/she can study no less than 60% of the courses at the UQU.

5. The student must not be dismissed from his/her university for disciplinary reasons.

Documents Required

1. A stamped statement of regular attendance or identification certificate from the student's original university.

2. The student's official academic record (stamped transcript).

3. Description of the courses (details about the subjects): a detailed explanation about the content of the courses to be subject to equivalency.

4. A photocopy of student's national ID or family ID.

5. An authenticated photocopy of the secondary school certificate.

6. A photocopy of the result of the general and achievement aptitude test. This can be printed via the following link:.

The documents required must be saved by a scanner in PDF format except for the description of courses which must be attached when submitting the application electronically.

Applications for external transfers must be submitted via the unified portal of admission via the following link: Click here

Equivalency of Courses When Transferring to the UQU

The council of the college to which the student wishes to transfer will make equivalency of the courses studied by the student at his/her original university based on recommendations of the departments that teach such courses. They are registered in the academic record of the student and are not calculated within the student's cumulative GPA.

Terms and Conditions of Equivalency of Courses

1. The student must transfer from a college outside the UQU.

2. The description of the courses must be consistent with the courses taught at the UQU departments.

3. The department must approve the equivalency of courses.

4. The score of the course to be subject to equivalency must be 70% at least.

5. The total percentage of the equivalency of courses must not exceed 40% as per the UQU's bylaw and the student must complete 60% of his/her study plan at the UQU.

6. The number of hours of the course to be subject to equivalency must exceed or equal the number of hours of the course within the student's study plan.