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Umm Al-Qura University


- 2016/06/13



The Department of Literature is the fundamental pillar of the College of Arabic Language and Literature. Its establishment goes concurrent with the establishment of the university, as the Department of Arabic Language was first inaugurated in 1385/1386 AH.

The literary material presented therein provided the nucleus of an integrated system, on which the literature department was later established when the Department of Arabic Language turned into the College of Arabic Language and Literature at Umm Al-Qura University.

Since its inauguration, this department has been in the lead in literature studies, as it encompasses a group of selected professors of literature from the Kingdom and the Arab world. It still practices its leading role, as is highlighted by the distinct output it provides in the academic sector, and in the various relevant cultural institutions.


  • Preparing specialized staff in the field of Arabic literature with creative artistic and critical capabilities.
  • Developing, instructing and polishing creative skills.
  • Fulfilling the needs of the community by preparing distinct researchers who raise the literature of the nation.
  • Applying literary studies on the study of the holy Qur'an and Sunnah.



1) Scientifically linking the student to his heritage and language, thereby achieving a conscious critical belonging to his cultural affiliation, and benefiting from it in the foundation of renewed authentic visions.

2) Developing the student's literary taste and aesthetic sense.

3) Providing students with the three main skills: Reading, writing and communication, and linking him to the international literary models.

4) Introducing students to literature, in concept, theory, importance, genres, and issues. Focusing on the major texts of Arabic literature, its philosophical and aesthetic vision, and impressive characters.

5) Raising awareness about the historical role of the literature in shaping awareness, consolidating values, ​​and preserving the mind's vision of life, using innovative scientific methods.

6) Enriching the student with original and flexible critical visions through opening up to other cultures using their literary texts and critical visions. This openness should be balanced, neither dissolving in the Other nor denying him.

7) Graduating a conscious generation, capable of providing effective participation in the national development plans in the educational, media and research fields related to literature, after empowering it with a comprehensive, scientific and educational preparation.

8) Preparing a generation of future writers, capable of supplementing literature with aesthetic visions, by attracting the emerging talents, supporting them with the necessary confidence and affiliating them to specialized literary clubs, while providing them with critical feedback, evaluation and assessment.



Literature Department is an academic department that attends to preparing specialized staff in the field of Arabic literature, developing their taste, and enriching their talents, to prepare a conscious Arab generation, capable of keeping abreast with the currents developments by acquiring competitive skills.



  • Taking pride in Arabic language.
  • Innovation.
  • Knowledge Integration.
  • Perfection.