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Umm Al-Qura University

Jeddah Club Literary & Cultural Studies Award 1434H Goes to Al-Udwany

- 2017/01/15

The Board of Trustees of the Literary and Cultural Studies Award, organized by Jeddah Literary Cultural Club, announced that Dr. Ahmad Al-Udwany (Staff Member at the Department of Literature, College of Arabic Language at Umm Al-Qura University (UQU)) was chosen from among 14 nominees to win the Award (for the Cultural Fulfillment Branch) for his book, "Beginnings of the Narrative Text: Approach to Significance Forming."

It cannot be denied that Dr. Ahmad Al-Udwany won the award due to the scarcity of his study's topic in the domain of critical studies. This was evident in his book "Beginnings of the Narrative Text: Approach to Significance Forming" which was written with crystal clear diligence, as it was well-known that the "Fulfillment" was a dissertation that required a university degree to be approved. Moreover, Al-Udwany had decided to study a large narrative blog from which he had the ability to select narrative models that represented the novelists' technique of forming the beginning of the narrative text. He linked such beginning to the text's components and their role in shaping the overall significance of the work. In addition to that, the research's structure and internal subtitles were subject to the narrative material. It is evident that he did not use the novel as an example of the critical perception of narrative beginnings; however, he let the scientific material form the beginning's perspective, which reflected chivalrous knowledge that rarely could be found in a critic in his beginnings. 

On the other hand, Dr. Ahmad Al-Udwany expressed his pride with the award which was added to the scientific achievements of UQU. He stressed that it demonstrated the great status of Jeddah Literary Cultural Club which continued to support culture and literature, contribute to the national cultural movement, highlight serious studies to the public, honor pioneers of literary and critical studies in KSA, activate the Saudi critical discourse in criticism and literature, and document critical and literary contributions in KSA.

It is worthy of mentioning that the Literary and Cultural Studies Award, organized by Jeddah Literary Cultural Club, pays great attention to the critical and literary movement in KSA. It is funded by Mr. Ahmad bin Muhammad Badib. In addition, the ceremony to hand over awards to the winners was on Tuesday 27th Muharram 1434H (11th December 2012).