Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

College Objectives

- 2017/12/09


The College of Judicial Studies and Laws attempts to achieve a package of purposeful goals and targets that help the university and the community. For Example:

1- Raising new generations with enough knowledge and awareness of the milestones and purposes of the Judiciary and Laws according to the Islamic Shari'a  messaged to us by Prophet Muhammad and the early Muslims.

2- Spreading the Islamic teachings in the domains of the judiciary and laws affairs by educating students and holding them to the duty of guarding its pillars in the community and realizing the Quranic Laws through the judicial and legal policy.

3- Taking part in preserving the Islamic heritage from the side of the judiciary and laws sides by putting its treasures under the spot in addition to the scientific investigations of dissertations and researches.

4- Addressing the judicial and law cases which need reconsideration and scientific tracing into their roots to drop a clear distinction between the state of being deeply rooted in the past and belonging to the contemporary life. 

5- Achieving sufficiency of highly qualified judicial and law cadres who can meet the community's needs, for example, of education, judiciary, investigation and prosecution, consultation, legal practice, etc...