Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Development and Quality Unit

- 2023/08/22


The Development and Quality Unit is tasked with planning, management, development and quality operation management, meeting standards of academic accreditation and assessment in the teaching and academic processes in addition to the administrative quality system control and measures to improve performance.


  1. To promote and spread quality culture at the college level.
  2. To improve college's quality system.
  3. To follow up achievement of the college's academic accreditation plan.
  4. To oversee development and operation planning and to follow up their implementation.
  5. To study difficulties and issues facing quality enhancement program and providing suitable solutions.
  6. To identify of training needs for academics and to coordinate with the relevant entities.
  7. To propose plans needed for improvement of employees' and academic staff skills.
  8. To encourage academics to participate in quality programs provided by the Deanship of University Development and Quality.
  9. To carry out innovation and creativity awards given for educational, research and administrative best performance at the college.
  10. To communicate issues relating to the quality and the academic accreditation with the Deanship of University Development and Quality in coordination with Dean of the College.
  11. To set a mechanism for expectations, requirements and level of satisfaction against the college services (inside and outside) and to maximize benefits from the same to improve performance at the college.
  12. To oversee making of the college's annual report.
  13. To name members of the subcommittees at the college.
  14. To maintain coordination with vice-deans and heads of departments in order to achieve goals of the college.
  15. To maintain communication with the academic and relevant administrative units to improve performance and achieve objectives in cooperation with the dean.
  16. To set an inclusive report on quality and accreditation efforts to be raised for the dean.
  17. To carry out tasks assigned by the college's board or dean.
  18. To develop a platform for work at the Vice-Presidency of University Development and Quality and to set description for duties and responsibilities in addition to the means for coordination with the affiliate units.
  19. To administrate financial affairs and provisions in custody of the Vice-presidency and programs according to the rules and regulations.

20. To control affiliate centers and units.