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Umm Al-Qura Wins 12 Medals at the Geneva Innovation Fair 2021

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Added on - 2021/03/25  |  اخر تعديل - 2021/03/25

Male and female students of Umm Al-Qura University participating in the Geneva Innovation Fair 2021 (which was conducted remotely) achieved 12 medals: two gold medals, five silver medals, and five bronze medals.

The student Amjad Al-Buqami won the gold medal for her innovation "Smart Guide Stick", which is a stick that helps the visually impaired perform their daily activities.

The student Ziyad Ahmad Abdul-Matin won the gold medal for his innovation "Wonderful Gloves". This is a glove-like device that translates sign language into audible speech.

Ali Al-Barakati won the silver medal in the scientific field for his invention, "The Smart Heater", and so did the student Samar Al-Juhani for the invention of a control system that prevents fires in electrical wiring.

The silver medal was won by Jihad Filemban and Khalil Megan for their invention of "The Portable Heat Stroke Treatment Unit".

Moreover, the student Dalia Abu Rayya won the silver medal for her invention, "The Medical Self-Service".

The silver medal was also won by the student Raghad Baghdadi for her invention, "The Electronic Injection".

Abdul-Wahhab Samkari, Amjad Fallatah, Yusr Ibrahim Al-Zahrani's team, Mawaddah Mujahid, and Uhud Bukhari won bronze medals for their inventions in various technical fields.

It is worth noting that the winning students were nominated for the Geneva Innovation Fair after they passed the first and second rounds of the (Ibtakir) competition last year. These rounds were organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs, in collaboration with the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. More than 80 students ran for nomination in these rounds. They were then eliminated to 12 innovators, all of whom were awarded medals at the Geneva Innovation Fair.

Thanks are due to the President of the University and His Excellency the University Vice President for Educational Affairs for their lauded support, assistance, and guidance.