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Council of Education College Honored with the Attendance of the Dean

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Added on - 2017/03/29  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/03/29


The council of the College of Education is honored with the attendance of the College Dean Dr. Tawfiq bin Ali Al-Shareif to its meeting on Tuesday Jumada Al-Thani 29, 1438 H.

During the meeting, the head of education department Dr. Abdullah bin Hameed Al-Jabri and all the affiliates of the department extended their congratulation to him on the occasion of his appointment as the dean of Jamoum University College, praying Allah to grant him with success in serving this scientific edifice. After that, the head of the education department reviewed topics included in the meeting agenda.  

Concluding his speech Dr. Al-Jabri extended his thanks to the Dean for his honorable attendance at the department's council meeting.