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College of Pharmacy Participates in Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and Its Methods of Treatment

Community Service
Added on - 2020/10/29  |  اخر تعديل - 2020/10/29

The Voluntary Work Unit, in collaboration with Department of Pharmaceutics, organized a voluntary awareness activity on breast cancer. The activity was held under the supervision of Dr. Hanan Al-Harbi and the female fifth-year students: Lujain Rahmatullah, Futun Al-Shirbini, and Jumana Felemban. During this event, Dr. Arwa Felemban from the College of Medicine explained breast cancer. Methods of treatment for breast cancer were also tackled, including medicines along with the medical interactions, pharmaceutical interventions, and the modern nanoscale technologies and therapeutics.

The topics were presented by Dr. Al-Jawharah Al-Qathami, Dr. Mariam Majli, Dr. Hanan Al-Harbi, Dr. Haitham Bukhari, and Dr. Yusra Al-Hindi.

The sponsors of the event offered prizes for the participants. The sponsors were: Kanaz Medical Complex, Minch Sweets Shop, and Stai Coffee.