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A Meeting Entitled ‘Program Specification: Your Impact Does Matter’

Academic Staff
Added on - 2020/09/26  |  اخر تعديل - 2020/09/26

The Vice Deanship for Development and Entrepreneurship at the College of Pharmacy held a remote open meeting, through the WebEx program, with the male and female staff members of the College of Pharmacy, under the title of ‘Program Specification: Your Impact Does Matter’. The meeting took place at noon on Tuesday, 22 September 2020.

The Vice Dean of the College of Pharmacy for Development and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Arwa Fairaq, discussed several aspects related to writing a description for the program. The most important of them is how to choose the course outcomes and make them compatible with the program’s outcomes. She also clarified the importance of everyone’s participation, and the extent of this impact on the accreditation process.

The meeting concluded by answering the inquiries raised by the attendees and receiving their suggestions.