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Umm Al-Qura University Supports General Education Talents Through the ‘Future Innovators (3)’ Program

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Added on - 2020/09/18  |  اخر تعديل - 2020/09/18

For the third year in a row, the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Umm Al-Qura University organized the "Future Innovators" virtual forum, which was held via a video conference, in cooperation with the Talented Females Administration at the General Directorate of Education in Makkah. The forum aimed to qualify the female students participating in the National Olympiad for Scientific Innovation, under the auspices of Her Excellency the Vice President for Female Student Affairs, Dr. Sarah Al-Khuli, and in the presence of her Assistant for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Samirah Al-Abdali.

During the forum, Dr. Sarah Al-Khuli stressed that the university is keen to develop its partnerships with various sectors and to benefit from scientific and research expertise, in order to achieve the general benefit of society. She also stated that the university is especially interested in the ongoing partnership with the General Administration of Education in Makkah Region, and in hosting its female students in various programs. This contributes to bridging the concepts of knowledge and communication between the female students of general education and the university staff members, to facilitate their future transition to university life.

On her part, the Vice Dean of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Najwa Samraqandi, stated that the program aims to develop the skills of female students in the field of scientific innovation, developing their ideas and turning them into prototypes for projects. In addition, the university staff members will follow up the stages of project preparation and refining prior to submitting the projects to the competition. She pointed out the importance of supporting female students and helping them to gain self-confidence and overcome the obstacles they may face, presenting some success stories for similar projects in the Arab world.

The workshops held on the sidelines of the forum discussed the emergence of the creative idea and the follow-up in the stages of its selection and application, in accordance with the standards of sustainability and its continuous development, in order to ensure that it is incorporated and modified during the implementation phase. Dr. Al-Khuli also focused on the foundations and importance of writing the research project plan and objectives in accordance with the requirements of the presented scientific idea. The workshops included sessions during which the university female staff members supervised the female students' projects.

At the end of the events of the program, the University Vice President for Female Affairs honored the supervisors of the program projects in the previous sessions and the current sessions for the year 2020.