Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

UQU Academic Staff Member Discovers a Vulnerability in Some Products of the Avast Company

An academic staff member at the College of Computer in Al-Leith, Marwan Al-Bahar, has identified a number of security vulnerabilities in some products of the Avast Internet Security Company which violate users' privacy by exposing their names and emails and breaching their personal information.

In this regard, Dr. Marwan said the first security vulnerability enables hackers to violate the privacy of the clients’ data by keeping the user's code valid after the login out process, thereby allowing them to tamper and exploit the clients’ privacy. The second security vulnerability is a technical attack used by the hackers to enter some programming statements in the pages viewed by others in order to steal some sensitive and important information.

Meanwhile, Avast Company extended thanks and appreciation to Dr. Marwan Al-Bahr in return for his efforts in protecting users' data and privacy. Some internet companies, including Avast, allow technicians to discover internal vulnerabilities, thus helping these companies to solve the vulnerabilities and develop their cyber security systems.

On his part, the Dean of the College of Computer in Al-Leith, Dr. Iskandar Hawsawi, stated that the college has been able, through its cyber security club, to report more than 15 security vulnerabilities threatening internet security since the club was founded in January 2020 A.C. "A fact that led the college to reach an outstanding position compared to other local colleges," he expounded.

Moreover, Dr. Hawsawi explained that the cyber security club in the college aims to consolidate the protection of networks, information technology systems, and operating systems and their hardware and software components, while taking into consideration the growing importance of cyber security in the life of different communities. He added that the college also aims to provide the foundation for a national industry in the field of cyber security to strengthen the leadership of the Saudi Kingdom at the international level, on the basis of the Saudi Vision 2030.