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Department of Tourism and Hotel Management Organizes an Event Entitled: Tourism with Saudi Eyes

Department News
- 2020/04/29

To promote social and cultural development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the UQU Department of Tourism and Hotel Management organized a competitive event entitled: "Tourism with Saudi Eyes", from 15 to 19 April, 2020 A.C. The event aimed to shed light on the tourism sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to highlight the national identity, while believing that the best investment is harnessing the promising minds and young energies.

The idea of organizing the event came to disseminate the culture of innovation and creativity among female students and to provide short inventive visual presentations (for two minutes) to promote internal tourism.

This event is considered part of the activities of two study courses "The Principles of Tourism and Hotel Management" and "Temporary Issues in Tourism and Hotel Management" presented in the department under the supervision of the course instructor Ms. Khadijah Khan. The event aimed at achieving the following objectives:

  • Enriching the tourism content in the kingdom. 
  • Encouraging the spirit of competition among the female students. 
  • Supporting the tourism sector. 
  • Encouraging internal tourism.

More than 100 students participated in the competitive workshop, and the number of contributions reached thirty. These contributions were judged relying on two important standards: Decision of the Judgment Committee (60%), and the number of views on Twitter (40 %)

The committee included: the Head of the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management, Dr. Muhammad Baqadir; Dr. Ali Al-Qasim; the Deputy Head of the Department at the female section, Ms. Lamiaa Berzi; and Mr. Aqeel Kadsah, a specialist in content creation, as an external examiner. The committee considered three standards: quality content, innovation, and production (directing).

All contributions were posted on the account of the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management on Twitter (@cobdth). The contributions were varied, covering the promotion of tourism in the different regions of the kingdom, the impact of the Novel Coronavirus on the tourism sector, and many other ideas.

Thanks to Allah, the event culminated with success. The winning contributions were as follows:


Contribution No.


First Place


Tourism: Renaissance of a Nation and Steadiness of Vision

Second Place


New Guest to the World

Third Place


We Will Remember Every Harm We Experienced, and Praise Allah After the Calamity

The Department of Tourism and Hotel Management at the UQU College of Business Administration aims to promote the image of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the tourism and hospitality fields, in line with the Saudi Vision 2030. This is achieved through graduating male and female students capable of managing the different sectors of tourism and hospitality with scientific and practical professionalism. This workshop event, along other classroom and extra-curricular activities, serves the department's vision.