Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

UQU President Receives Admission & Registration Annual Report

Important News
- 2017/02/09

At his Abedyiah-based office, the President of Umm Al-Qura University (UQU), Dr. Bakri bin Ma’tooq Assas, received the annual report of the Admission & Registration Deanship for the academic year 1436-1437H from Dr. Hashim As-Samadany, Dean of Admission & Registration. This was in the presence of Prof. Dr. Abdulaziz bin Rashad Sorouji (Vice-President for Educational Affairs), Dr. Abdulmajeed Al-Ghamdi (Vice-President for Branches) and the Deanship’s Vice Deans. 

Dr. Assas had a look at the report which documented the achievements of the Deanship’s various units, statistics of admission, academic affairs, registration, graduation and electronic services, as well as the programs and activities it organized. He also launched the annual report via the website of the Deanship. Moreover, he commended the efforts exerted by the Admission and Registration Deanship. He explained that such efforts yielded the Deanship tangible successes that contributed to its role as a focal point in providing UQU students with all services under the umbrella of the Vice-Presidency for Educational Affairs, represented by Prof. Dr. Abdulaziz bin Rashad Sorouji.  

In turn, Dr. Hashim As-Samadany appreciated the continuous follow-up and support by the Vice-Presidency for Educational Affairs under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Abdulaziz Sorouji; he added that it represented the beacon that guided the Deanship in all its development plans and initiatives. In addition, he commended the efforts of the Deanship’s working team, stressing that such achievements would have never been fulfilled without the sincere care and continuous follow-up by UQU President towards the Admission and Registration Deanship. He wished that Allah, the Almighty, would render Dr. Assas’ generosity never-ending and guide him in the performance of his duties.