Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

For the First Time in the Western Region: A TOT Course on the Use of ‘UpToDate’ and ‘Lexicomp’ Databases

The Deanship of Library Affairs, in cooperation with the College of Medicine, organized a "Training of Trainers (TOT)" course, today (Sunday), on the use of the ‘UpToDate’ and ‘Lexicomp’ databases. The aim of the course was to qualify the UQU faculty members to be able to train the employees of UQU and the health sector on using information databases, and to benefit from them in medical fields. This took place in the presence of the Dean of Library Affairs, Dr. Muhammad Al-Lihaibi, and a number of faculty members at the health colleges in UQU.

The UpToDate Database is a source of evidence-based information that aims at assisting in the diagnosis process and at providing the maximum benefit possible in determining the appropriate treatment, based on the evidence, by applying it in the service of the patient.

As for the Lexicomp Datebase, it is a source of information concerned with medications and everything related to them, such as doses, method of administration, the adjustment in the quantity, as well as approved recommendations, to provide the best possible care by following a treatment plan specific to a given type of medication.