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King Abdullah University Library Provides Its Visitors with a ‘Museum and Cognitive Platform’

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Added on - 2020/02/17  |  اخر تعديل - 2020/02/17

Today, His Excellency the President of Umm Al-Qura University, Prof. Abdullah Bafail, launched the Dorar Platform and the Manuscripts Museum at King Abdullah University Library to hold the university scholarly production and scientific resources of dissertations, manuscripts, and journals. He added that the library systems will be developed according to modern advancements in the field of library services and information.

The museum comprises three thousand original manuscripts; one of the manuscripts is ascribed to the second Hijri century. The Dorar Cognitive Platform documents a number of e-books, along with seminars and conferences held at the university. It also comprises more than 13 thousand dissertations, 12 thousand digital manuscripts, and 15000 scientific articles.

His Excellency Prof. Abdullah Bafail honored the affiliates of the library for the efforts they exerted in supporting scientific and research cadres. He also stressed the importance of the role they played in renewing cognitive resources in the educational institutions and in employing e-services for researchers. Such e-services entail digitalizing the contents of the cognitive platform and adding bibliographic data that serve postgraduate students and researchers in the Muslim and Arab world, in general.

During his tour at the museum, His Excellency the President of the University was accompanied by the Vice President of the University for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, Dr. Abdul-Wahhab Al-Resini, the Dean of Library Affairs, Dr. Muhammad Al-Lihaibi, Vice Dean for Technology, Hasan Al-Thubaiti, Vice Dean for Branches, Dr. Mater Al-Eissa, Vice Dean of Library Affairs, Dr. Aminah Al-Ahmadi, and the Head of the Department of Manuscripts, Conservation, and Restoration, Mr. Wael Adil.