Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

His Excellency the UQU President Chairs the Third Session of the University Council for the Academic Year (1440–1441 A.H.)

On behalf of His Excellency the Minister of Education and Chairman of the University Council, Dr. Hamad bin Muhammad bin Hamad Aal Al-Sheikh, His Excellency the UQU President, Prof. Abdullah bin Omar Bafail, chaired the third session of the University Council for the academic year 1440/1441 A.H. on Wednesday, 18 Jumada Al-Thani, 1441 A.H., in King Faisal Hall, at the University City in Al-Abdiyyah.

His Excellency the President of the University welcomed the members of the council, including university vice presidents, male and female deans of the colleges, and Dr. Muhammad bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Salih, the General Secretariat of the Higher Education Council. His Excellency invited everyone to attend the 20th Scientific Forum for Research on Hajj, Umrah and Visits to the Sacred Sites, which the university will organize under the direct organization and supervision of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Institute for Hajj and Umrah Research during the period 22–24 Rajab, 1441 A.H.

At the end of the session, the Secretary General and member of the University Council, Dr. Thamir bin Hamdan Al-Harbi, stated that the honorable University Council discussed a number of topics on its agenda at its third session for the academic year 1440/1441 A.H. This is in addition to studying and discussing many academic, educational, and administrative topics related to many scientific and educational aspects.

Dr. Thamir confirmed that the council took appropriate decisions concerning these topics. The topics that were included in the agenda of the session are listed as follows: 

  • Request to amend the details of the university calendar for the (second) semester of the academic year (1440/1441 A.H.).
  • Request to approve the details of the university calendar for the summer semester of the academic year (1440/1441 A.H.).
  • Request to approve the re-enrollment of a master's student in the College of Shari`ah and Islamic Studies.
  • Request to approve the application of a number of the university staff to join the boards of some colleges of the university for a term of two years.
  • Request to approve modifying the name "Professional Master's Program in Accounting" to the name "Master in Accounting", submitted by the Department of Accounting, College of Business Administration.
  • Request to approve the establishment of a research chair bearing the name "Sheikh Saleh Sairafi for Coronary Artery Disease Research", according to the establishment proposal submitted to the council by the Supervisory Committee for Scientific Chairs.
  • Request to approve that powers of the University Council will continue to be delegated to the university president, with regard to granting additional opportunities to postgraduate students.
  • Request to accept the approval of the proposed version of the internal regulations for endowments of Umm Al-Qura University.