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Al-Kuraidis Calls on Ministry of Hajj to Open Attaches at KSA Embassies

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Added on - 2017/01/12  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/01/12

Dr. Mansour al-Kuraidis, member of Majlis ash-Shura, called on the Ministry of Hajj to open attaches at all KSA embassies worldwide, especially in countries whence pilgrims come.

He said, "There are currently 8 million Umrah pilgrims in the Kingdom. And by 2020, the number is projected to rise to 15 million. In order for the Ministry of Hajj to cope with this potential increase, it needs to make a shift from the national to international level, and to better convey its message to its target groups of Hajj and Umrah pilgrims, by establishing attaches at the KSA embassies and consulates abroad."

For his part, Dr. Muhammad Khushaim, another member of Majlis ash-Shura, called on all competent authorities to shade the places where places exist in the Holy Sites, and provide water coolers throughout those places, especially during the upcoming three Hajj seasons, given they will occur in Summer, which could make pilgrims vulnerable to sunstrokes.

Dr. Ahmed al-Zaila'ee, a third member, stated, "It's time to focus on vertical rather than horizontal expansion, as is the case in the six buildings that erect on Mina mountains. Instead of tents, closer attention should be paid to vertical building." More