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College of Pharmacy Organizes Lecture on Active Learning

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Added on - 2017/01/08  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/01/08

Faculty members participated in a lecture entitled (Active Learning Strategy), that was held on Thursday 6 January 2017; organized by Faculty Members Development Unit, in cooperation with the College's Curricula Unit.

The lecture was given by Dr Majid Ali, Dr. Tariq Abu zneid and some students were also engaged - to represent the College students – so as to express their views on the pros of active learning application in some subjects effectively.

During the lecture, the importance of active learning and its objectives were highlighted and its different types explained, with a view to the sound application of teaching practices that promote interaction between faculty members and students to apply genuinely new information in the minds of students, and engage them in the educational process.

At the end, the questions of the faculty members were answered. The lecture was useful and interactive.