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Students of the College of Pharmacy Participate in the Indoor Football League for the Female Students

Students' Creativity
Added on - 2019/12/02  |  اخر تعديل - 2019/12/02

The college of pharmacy is proud of its students who participated in the indoor football league, which is the first to be organized at the level of Umm Al-Qura University.

The league was held on Saturday, 3 Rabi` Al-Thani, 1441 A.H., at the sports hall affiliated to the Deanship of Student Affairs at Al-Abdiyyah. The match was attended by the Vice Dean of the College, Dr. Alaa Muhammad Al-Qahtani, the Head of the Advising and Guidance Unit, Dr. Mariam Majli, and a group of students supporting the team.

The team consisted of the following female students: Raghad Al-Eissa, Noura Bajindouh, Wejdan Falatah, Shahd Janbi, Budour Ibrahim, Anan Alfi, Nouf Al-Ghannam, and Fatin Al-Maliki, as well as the coordinator, Ms. Fatin Al-Hatili.