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Listening and Dialogue: Two Cornerstones for Rectifying the Female Students’ Concepts about Violence

In the sessions of "My Protection Forum", organized by the UQU Vice Deanship for Female Student Affairs within the period from 28 Rabi` Al-Awwal to 13 Rabi` Al-Thani 1441 A.H., the lawyer Ms. Al Jawharah Aal Eissa recommended the intensification of awareness programs about types and forms of violence. The aim is to rectify the wrong concepts held by some female students with regard to the difference between the concept of advising and that of violence, and to introduce the female students to the activities of the bodies concerned with following up the legal procedures for cases of violence, and the manner in which they tackle these cases.

Ms. Aal Eissa, after her talk with the female students, highlighted the importance of listening to the female student and giving her due time to present her viewpoints about the issues and state her solutions, without replying to or interrupting her. In so doing, the awareness of the female student can be measured and her intellectual attitudes can be identified. In this way, it will be easier to discuss with the female student and identify the dimensions of the issues within the specified frame of her age.

On her part, the Vice Dean for Student Activities and Training, Dr. Nahlaa Hariri, explained that the psychological violence with its various forms of hostility, verbal abuse, dominance, and emotional blackmail has obvious pathologic indications that can be easily diagnosed by the psychiatrist. She added that its risks, including emotional disorders, quick temper, worry and chronic depression, can be easily measured.

Dr. Al Hariri pointed out that the women subjected to psychological violence often oppose to leave their marriages due to their economical dependence and their inability to live independently, as their husbands often dominate all their financial affairs. This is in addition to the emotional connection between them, in spite of the weakness of their relationship.

Moreover, the Vice Dean of Jamoum University College, Dr. Hanadi Qamrah, referred to the strengths of the woman in facing and opposing all forms of violence, given the challenges and responsibilities she takes on in building her family.

The Deputy Head of the Department of Community Medicine and Health Care for Pilgrims, Dr. Maram Al-Sharif, also highlighted the danger of physical violence, and how its harmful effects last for a longer time compared to other forms of violence. This results in long term harm whose sufferings appear in the future, in addition to immediate harm. Such a situation requires intensified treatment sessions and special care.

Furthermore, the Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology, Dr. Suzan Basyuni, discussed types of violence with regard to its different forms and features, and presented scientific recommendations, based on legal procedures and studies, for facing hostile practices against women.