Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

UQU President Opens First Forum for Scientific Research

UQU President Dr. Bakri bin Matouq Asas opened on Monday 20 Rabi Awal 1438 H, the events of the First Scientific Research Forum organized by UQU Scientific Research Deanship during the period of 20 – 21/03/1438, entitled (Introduction – Connection – Cooperation) in the presence of the Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Dr Thamer bin Hamdan Al Harbi, Vice President for Branches Dr. Abdul Majid Alghamdi, deans of research colleges, institutes and  centers, and the participation of UQU's elite scientists and researchers. It was held at King Abdulaziz Historical Hall at Abediya and Jawhar Hall at the female student campus in Zaher.

The ceremony held for this occasion opened with verses from the Holy Quran, then UQU President Bakri bin Matouq Asas gave a speech, in which he focused on the importance of scientific research for the advancement of nations and peoples' progress, citing the many experiences of States where scientific research contributed to their development and enhanced their prestige globally.

His Excellency stressed that the contents of the KSA  2030 Vision is based in its entirety on the knowledge economy through scientific research and its role in the comprehensive and sustainable national development, indicating that Saudi universities, on top of which is UQU, are teeming  with distinct scientific cadres that play a role in this respect.

He referred also to the strides made by UQU, owing to the follow up and support of the Minister of Education Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed Alessa to participate in achieving the objectives of the national vision, noting that the Deanship's organization of the First Scientific Research Forum arises from UQU’s eagerness to focus fully on the scientific research outputs of colleges and scientific departments, demanding the faculty staff members to give special care to scientific research and  focus on the benefit of the nation and society.

Dr. Bakri Asas noted the support provided by the good leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, his Crown Prince and Deputy Crown Prince, may Allah protect them, to UQU in order to play its scientific, educational, research and community role. His Excellency wishing the efforts of the participants in the Forum are rewarded and that the Forum come out with recommendations that meet the aspirations of all.

In turn, Dean of Scientific Research Dr Abdul Rahman al-Ahdal stated in his speech that the   Scientific Research Forum reduces distances between disciplines, to be harbour for launching qualitative goals that keep pace with the national and local vision while maintaining privacy of Mecca, to be Meccan made but with a competitive vision.

He pointed out that the themes of the Forum built on the strong foundation of research forces in academic institutions represented in research centers. research groups and research chairs.

The ethics that govern these forces give them a degree of integrity and scientific quality according to criteria and indicators that realize the objectives of leadership and research reference, the Forum will also focus on the need to develop common ground that makes scientific research in academic schools a tangible way to measure the development of research efforts in UQU.

He added that the First  Scientific Research Forum is the bright beginning of scientific forums that UQU will witness and the starting point towards consolidating efforts, so that the second Forum - God willing - will attract foreign contributions and be an indicator of high quality publications in international publishing receptacles.

In conclusion, he thanked UQU President Dr. Bakri bin Matouq Asas, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Dr THAMER Al Harbi for their support for the success of the Forum, and the scientific research team for their efforts.