Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Teaching Legal Rights and State Regulations in the College of Shari`ah to Improve Educational Outcomes and Increase Work Opportunities

Based on a Royal Decree and Consistent with the National Vision, Legal Rights and State Regulations Are Taught in the College of Shari`ah

While taking bold steps to develop its educational systems to be in line with the ambitious national visions set to reach a vibrant community, the UQU puts the interest of its students at the heart of its effort. That is why the UQU President launched the "Be Happy" initiative. The university also took upon itself the responsibility for preparing and qualifying its students in the best way to serve their nation and become a valued asset for the labor market.

With reference to the Ministers' Council decision No. 197 dated 14 Ramadan 1421 A.H., which stipulated the teaching of state laws and regulations as an integral part of the study plans of the colleges of Shari`ah, and in response to the decisions of the committee of the deans of Shari`ah colleges in Saudi universities at their third meeting in Al-Jouf which unanimously recommended the rules and regulations to teach the Saudi state laws and regulations in all the programs of the Shari`ah colleges, the UQU intends to incorporate new courses on State laws and regulations into its teaching curriculum. The new courses will be taught from Al-Siyasah Al-Shar`iyyah perspective, in view of the fact that teaching these subjects mirrors the national identity, and the Shari`ah-based policy of the Saudi state. These courses also aim at strengthening the moderate approach and achieve the directions of the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030.

The UQU official spokesperson, Dr. Uthman Qazaz, said that the College of Shari`ah and Islamic Studies is the first college in UQU and the kernel of higher education in the Kingdom. It received a unique honor and glory when its establishment decision was issued by the founder, the late King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al Saud - May Allah rest his soul. A good number of scholars who have made great national contributions graduated from this college, including members of the council of senior scholars, sheikhs and imams of the Two Holy Mosques, and others who have assumed high ranks in the judiciary, the international Islamic jurisprudence forums, and the national Shari`ah-related institutions.

Dr. Qazaz pointed out that a higher advisory committee was established to develop Shari`ah-related and regulatory specializations. The established committee constitutes a number of Shari`ah leaders with unique scientific standing and national administrative expertise, given that the college is a pioneer in the field of Islamic and Shari`ah studies development. The UQU official spokesperson said the committee held a meeting yesterday (Wednesday) and recommended responding to the above-mentioned decisions and recommendations to teach Islamic legal rules and regulations courses for Shari`ah students in compliance with the Council of Ministers decision and also in response to the decision which was unanimously agreed to by the deans of the Shari`ah colleges, provided that consultation about the mechanism of its application to be widely open to the academic staff members in the related colleges. In addition, the historical legacy of the College of Shari`ah, the significant excellence of the College of Judicial Studies and Regulations and serious engagement of and consultation with students must be taken into consideration.

He noted that such orientation ensures the expansion of the UQU graduates base and improves the qualification level of the national graduates by providing them with high-quality knowledge and skills and whatever enhances their competitiveness capabilities and expands their graduate studies options to deal with the reality and become active members in the march of their nation. Dr. Qazaz said such efforts towards excellence make the mother college, i.e. the College of Shari`ah, regain its status of honor and pride as being founded by the late King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman - May Allah rest his soul. Recognizing this fact is an incentive for excellence and deep dedication to this honor. This effort comes in convergence with the achievements of the College of Judicial Studies and Regulations and in consolidation of the joint efforts and resources which promote increased opportunities for excellence and the quality of the educational outcomes.

The contribution of the colleges and departments with their ideas about the mechanism of teaching these new courses is expected to be huge as participation in this discussion will be open for all segments, i.e. staff members, specialists, students, etc. The aim of such a discussion is to reach the most beneficial and academically rewarding ways for the beneficiaries, a matter which will provide the maximum benefit for our university and our country. Finally, he asked Allah, the Almighty, to make this blessed step a success.