Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University Studies the Reality of Volunteering During the 1440 A.H. Hajj Season in Cooperation with the Civil Defense

Umm Al-Qura University is conducting a research study entitled "Volunteering in Hajj: Reality and Aspiration in Line with Saudi Vision 2030", recommended by the Coordinating Committee for Voluntary Efforts from the Ministry of Interior and headed by the General Directorate of Civil Defense.

The study is examining the voluntary services provided by different parties during the Hajj season. It is looking at the nature and types of these services, and measuring the performance indicators and level of satisfaction with the voluntary services from the viewpoint of pilgrims and visitors who benefited from them during the 1440 A.H. Hajj season.

The research team is developing a conceptualization of the study through four different procedural phases. The study is collecting information on questionnaires and actual observation forms from field services provided during the 1440 A.H. Hajj season. This is being carried out in cooperation with the various coordinating bodies, headed by the General Directorate of Civil Defense, which include the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Media, the Scout Association, the Saudi Red Crescent Authority, the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque, the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, and the Saudi Medical Academy for Volunteers.

His Excellency the UQU President agreed to conduct the research study by assigning an internal committee consisting of the Vice Dean of Academic Development and the supervisor of the Hajj and Umrah program at the College of Medicine, the UQU representative member in the coordinating committee, Dr. Asim Al-Shanbari, the Vice Dean of the Research Projects in the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Institute for Hajj and Umrah Research, Dr. Mazin Al-Shamarani, and the Vice Dean of Scientific Research for Research Volunteering and Voluntary Research, Dr. Sumayah Sharaf, in addition to a group of volunteers working to collect data and information in the field of study.

His Excellency the UQU President praised the efforts exerted by the study team, pointing out that the university is full of research and volunteer capability that will highlight the role of volunteering and volunteer services provided for the guests of the Merciful in the holy sites in a statistical and scientific manner.

Major General Dr. Hammud Al-Faraj, the Commander of the Civil Defense Forces in Hajj in 1440 A.H., stressed the importance of taking care of volunteer work and highlighting its role in the general emergency plan during the season by participating in the media campaign to cover the volunteer efforts for this year, and the leading role of the General Directorate of Civil Defense in this field. He pointed out that volunteer work has been at the top of the agenda for Hajj for decades, explaining that Saudi Vision 2030 has laid a new foundation for Saudi volunteer culture.

Prof. Abdul-Wahhab Al-Rasini, the Supervisor of the UQU Vice Presidency for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, stressed the university's keenness to keep up with the national strategic issues, which would promote and study the values of citizenship to enhance their active role in society. He pointed out that volunteering is one of the most important strategic issues that the university is interested in. It shows its support of this by conducting research, supporting the volunteer research efforts in the Hajj and Umrah season, and providing volunteer service through an integrated system to ensure the rights of volunteers and the recording of their achievements.